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Did you Fall onto an Outstretched Hand Fremont

FOOSH means fall onto an outstretched hand, which is common among kids and adults. It can happen to anyone depending on the fall. But presumably more common among kids as they tend to play around and are more likely to fall often. FOOSH can cause injuries and most commonly in your hands or wrists. An accidental fall or slip can happen to anyone but is more likely to happen to older adults and people engaged in high-impact sports. Injuries due to FOOSH can be some of the most common orthopedic injuries.

Boxer’s Fracture

It is the neck fracture of the fifth metacarpal bone of the hand near the knuckle. As the name suggests, it may be common among inexperienced boxers.

Colles Fracture

Colles fracture, also known as a distal fracture, is a type of broken wrist fracture. It happens when a person falls, and to protect themselves, they outstretch their hand. Even older women of 60 years experiencing osteoporosis may likely get Colles. The broken bone is bent outwards or inwards.

Dislocation or elbow fracture

You may experience a fracture or dislocation of the bones around your elbow.

Shoulder fracture

With age, bones weaken due to low bone density and are likely to break or fracture. Many can also suffer from shoulder fractures or dislocation because of FOOSH injuries.


A common bacterial skin infection may occur at the site of FOOSH injury. It happens if the injury leaves a large wound or the individual has a weak immune system.


Bruises are expected at the injury site but take some time to recover.

Prevent FOOSH injuries

Falls and accidents are unpredictable, but you may take precautions from your end.

               ·        It is good to do some basic exercises to help build flexibility and balance.

               ·        Be it office or home, try and keep your surroundings clean.

               ·        Install some bars to grab onto in the bathroom to avoid accidents.

What to do after a FOOSH injury?

Do not panic, as you might hurt yourself even further. Take deep breaths and try and distract yourself from any pain. If the incident happened in a public space, move away, and avoid traffic. Sometimes FOOSH injury is not easily identifiable, but it is advised to seek medical help. If
you have a terrible fall and need an emergency, check yourself in, as the doctors may help with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).

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