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Things You Must Do If Your Bone is Fractured

Are you a football fan who loves to watch it and play it too? Or do you love to spend time doing physical activities? Activities like hiking, running, biking, rafting, and camping are popular. However, you might risk bruises, injuries, and broken bones. Usually, bones are more robust and designed to withstand forces, but sudden force or jerk can fracture. Bone fractures are not always preventable, but you must know what you should and shouldn’t do.

Do not touch the fractured area – If your bone is sticking out, you can’t push it back in. So don’t even try to attempt such a thing; it will not help but instead worsen the situation.

Seek medical help – Go to urgent orthopedic care for a bone fracture. The medical practitioner will give the best advice about your condition. If required, surgery might be advised to correct alignment, resulting in proper healing. Depending on the condition, even casts or splints are recommended.

Take it easy – Your fractured area is painful, and it is better to avoid any movements, pressure, or bumping into others. 

Look out for infection – Casts are supposed to be dry and away from any infection. Any sweats, foul odors, pus, pain, night chills, and fever are signs of infection. It is a wake-up call for a consultation.

Keep the cast dry – Water can affect the fiberglass cast. It is always advised to keep your cast away from water. When showering, it is suggested to apply two layers of plastic and then tape it to avoid getting wet.

Don’t ignore discomfort – If you experience paralysis, more than normal swelling, numbness, pain, tingling, and burning in your fractured body part, don’t ignore it.     

Exercise if required – If your arm or leg is in a cast, ask if you can start moving your muscles near the broken bone.

Do not remove your cast yourself – The medical practitioner will provide the advice in your best interests. Even if you are irritated or bored of the cast, you must continue to keep the cast for some time for a good reason. The intent is to make sure you completely recover. There may be good chances of reinjuring yourself, and you wouldn’t want that.