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How to Treat Workplace Injuries Fremont

Unsurprisingly, anyone can get workplace injuries regardless of the nature of the work. However, the nature of work does make one susceptible to the environment and can more likely injure oneself frequently. Several jobs can cause severe injuries, such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, auto or truck industry workers, etc. These seem inherently dangerous, causing more harm than imagined. But other kinds of injuries like falls, trips, slips, fractures, cuts, exposure to harmful substances, illness, and neck or back pain may be standard in any given work environment. You may experience physical injuries, occupational injuries, or repetitive stress injuries. The standard list of injuries that can happen at a workplace are:

              ·         Bruising and lacerations

              ·         Broken bones

              ·         Ligament sprains and tears

              ·         Tendon and muscle strains or tears

              ·         Spinal cord

              ·         Shoulder injuries

              ·         Knee injuries

              ·         Head and brain injuries

              ·         Herniated disc

              ·         Repetitive stress injuries

             ·         Neck and back

             ·         Whiplash

             ·         Internal organs

             ·         Burns

             ·         Amputation

             ·         Electrocution

             ·         Infection

But workplace safety and health regulations help businesses prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. The employer is responsible for ensuring their employees’ safety and well-being at the workplace. It is not only the right thing but the law. Each business must have an effective injury and illness prevention program that includes training and instruction on safe work practices and an effective system for the employer to communicate with the victim and coworkers. A safe work environment is more than just preventing injuries or the spread of disease; it is more about prioritizing employee well-being. This helps employees feel safe and secure and enjoy a positive working culture that encourages them to respect everyone. We understand irrespective of the programs and regulations, accidents happen no matter how preventive you are.

This is where we come in to provide excellent medical care. Our extensive experience in Occupational Medicine facilitates authorization of care to optimize recovery and minimize the lost time from work. Our standardized processes are supported by electronic medical record-keeping that reduces administrative work for the employee, employer, and carrier. Effective communication with every stakeholder increases transparency and reduces unnecessary delays. Our team is committed to providing medically appropriate and compassionate care to the injured worker with the expectation that both the employee and employer will do their best to support recovery and a return to the office as soon as safely possible. Treatment decisions are based on a thorough history, including the mechanism of injury and prior health, a focused physical exam, and evidence-based medical literature. Learn more about our treatment methods that can help you with specific injuries. So, schedule an appointment with The Form Hand Therapy at (510) 350-3030 today.