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Treating Lacerations Fremont

When your skin’s soft tissues are torn up while dealing with sharp objects that can easily tear your skin, a laceration is like a cut, but no skin is missing. Sharp objects, such as shards of glass, etc., can cause a type of wound. Even hammer wounds can cause it, and it entirely depends on the force and direction that defines the depth or appearance of the wound. It is prevalent for people to visit ER, and around 7 to 9 million people are reported to be affected by it. Our skin comprises three layers: epidermis, dermis, or fascia. Epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin with no nerve endings or blood vessels. A human body comprises four layers of the epidermis, except for the hands and soles of the feet, with five layers. Then comes the dermis, which contains nerves, vessels, glands, and connective tissue. Another one is fascia which is a combination of connective and adipose tissues.

Signs of Lacerations & Cuts

A laceration is cut deep through the epidermis and sometimes dermis and/or subcutaneous tissues. If the wound is severe, you would have to visit ER immediately for medical assistance without wasting much time over contemplating. 

            ·         Pain

            ·         Bruising

            ·         Bleeding

            ·         Swelling

            ·         Skin discoloration


Laceration Diagnosis

The healthcare practitioner will examine the affected area with an x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, etc., to determine laceration and if any foreign object is inside. It is usually not suggested to enter an MRI room with any metal and let them know if you have it in the body.


How Can We Help?

We understand that any acute traumatic injury or laceration repair can be complex for a person, and one wants to recuperate soon. Your recovery relies on the therapy you receive following your initial treatment. Hand therapy is almost required after an acute traumatic injury or laceration repair involving the upper extremity, usually for several months.

Our goal is to help the patients recover, and in the process, we design a personalized therapy program especially for you. When you choose Form Hand Therapy, you can trust that you receive the highest care standard in occupational and hand therapy. We are dedicated to our patients and will keep you motivated throughout your therapy program.

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